Great Tips for Seniors Living Green

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One tip for seniors who own a house is to install a home automation system. This is a series of small devices installed on outlets, lights and appliances throughout the home. The system makes it easy to control the electricity in the home. Seniors can control the whole system from a convenient panel or a mobile device. Home automation systems can make programming heating and cooling systems easy. They also allow a person to turn off lights or other appliances from Read the rest of this entry »

The Bountiful Benefits of Composting for Green Thumbs

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Anyone interested in gardening should consider starting a compost pile. Compost is like gold to the gardener. Adding compost to your garden gives new life to poor quality soil. It helps sandy soil retain moisture and lightens clay soil, making it easier for plant’s roots to grow. Compost makes any type of soil easier to work.

As compost breaks down, it produces beneficial fungi and bacteria. These bacteria and fungi break down organic matter, creating nutrient-rich humus. Read the rest of this entry »

Green Living in the Desert

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When you live in the desert, you have to think about green living differently than if you lived in a cold or rainy climate. There are a couple ways that green living can really be improved when you live in the desert. Follow this guide to make your life in the desert as green as possible.

Solar Power

The first way that people who live in the desert can go green is by installing solar panels. You need to take advantage of all of that sunshine that you get every year. In fact, you can generate more than enough solar power for your needs when you live in the desert. You can actually sell the surplus energy you generate to the electric company. Imagine getting money every month from the electric company instead of paying them. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Check out the possibilities with

Water Conservation

The other half of the green living equation in the desert is water conservation. Water conservation is becoming more important every year with the effects of global climate change accelerating. It will be more important than ever for desert dwellers to save water wherever they can.

One way that you can save a lot of water is by changing the landscaping around your home. Get rid of the lawn that hogs water and has no place in a desert. Instead, landscape with beautiful desert plants. Create a rock garden. Anything you can do to implement less water usage in your landscaping will be helpful.

You should be sure to harvest the rare rains you get in the desert. Route all the gutters on your home into a rain water barrel. You can use this barrel to water the plants that you have on your property.

Make sure you reuse your grey water. Grey water is water that has been used already, but it can still be used for other tasks. You can route all the water from your sinks and showers to a grey water collection unit. This grey water can then be used for things like flushing toilets and watering plants.

Feels Good

When you implement these green practices into your home, it is wonderful for the environment. It is just as wonderful for your well-being. Implementing green practices makes you feel good. There is no better feeling that realizing that you are becoming a part of the solution to our planet’s environmental problems.

Recycle Household Items for Arts and Crafts Projects

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One great thing about recycling is that you can take household items you would have otherwise thrown away and use them to create fun and creative arts and crafts projects. Below is a short list of such projects you can take on at home.

1. A Cola Bottle Bird Feeder

Next time you get a liter of soda, save the plastic bottle after you’re done. You can easily modify it into a homemade bird feeder.

2. A Read the rest of this entry »

Live and Let Live with a Green Lifestyle

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In today’s world, being green is increasingly more important as the days go on. Large companies are using up so much of the earth’s natural resources that we, as consumers, need to step up and make the change.

Energy Efficiency
Energy consumption is a big problem because of our reliance on energy sources. One way you can reduce your energy intake. This can be done by buying more energy efficient appliances. These energy efficient appliances use less energy, as well as less water if they are an appliance that uses water. You can also make Read the rest of this entry »

How Going Green Benefits More than the Earth

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When you hear the buzz word green many people think that it’s all about the environment. And while green building and green services are helpful to the environment it doesn’t stop there. Green benefits extend beyond the earth. they can impact people’s daily health and pocketbook.

Green benefits people in so many way. First of all green living is healthier. Green cleaners and green chemicals are better for your body. This is great news. Also, living in a green built home is extremely beneficial to ones health.Didn’t Read the rest of this entry »

Conserve Energy as You Go and Grow Green

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Having a garden can add beauty to your outdoor landscape as well as provide a harvest of fresh vegetables. There are some helpful tips you can use to conserve energy when adding a garden to your outdoor area. Using leaves and bits of mowed grass as mulch will help reduce the need to purchase manufactured mulch. Leaves and cut grass are readily available in every yard and act as good insulation on both flower beds and vegetable gardens. As an insulator, the mulch helps hold moisture in Read the rest of this entry »

Simplify Your Life and Save the Planet

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Taking steps to be more environmentally friendly does not have to be a chore. In many cases, you can simply choose not to buy certain products if the packaging is not recyclable, or if the company does not make planet friendly decisions. The consumer dollar is stronger than any vote, and if a drop in sales is noticed, there will be action taken.

Another thing I personally try to do as often as possible is before throwing something away, ask yourself if there is any other use for it you can come up with, or if it would be Read the rest of this entry »

4 Ways to Go Green with Your Garden

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Gardeners by nature are eco-friendly and walked on the green side before it was the politically correct thing to do. These four ideas will help you even be more green in your garden.

Compost It
Toss all leftover food scraps, except meat products, onto the compost pile. It will decompose and become what gardeners call ‘black gold’ for the garden. Garden debris (unless infested with bugs or disease) can be added to the compost pile as well as tree and flower trimmings and Read the rest of this entry »